Welcome to Highlands War


The Barony of Ered Sul and The Kingdom of Atenveldt are proud to welcome everyone to Highlands War XXIII !! This is the Lunar Invasion of the Northlands: Eredsuligans vs. Moonies The beast in the east has decided to encroach their forces towards Ered Sul and has amassed a large and shiny army on its southeastern border, claiming the small village of Peighysson for their own. The Barony of Ered Sul, although having no present official claim, sees this naked aggression, by The Barony of Twin Moons, as unjust to the populace loyal to the North and an attack on the Kingdom lands. We will resolve this issue in the name of justice and would stop this army from stepping another foot in, what was formerly, the lands of Ered Sul.

War has been declared! Gather your forces, sharpen your blades and travel to the cool mountain pines this summer for great adventure and glory!

July 13–16 we battle, feast, and revel in friendship and honor. We wish this Highlands War to be the best in every way and want to introduce an exciting, new format for the fighting scenarios this year.

There will be something for everyone at Highlands War, scheduled activities will include:
– Armored combat and Rapier fighting scenarios & tournaments (Friday & Saturday)
– Archery range and competitions (Friday & Saturday)
– Arts and Sciences classes (Friday & Saturday)
– Private dinner for the B&B’s in attendance (Friday night)
– Youth activities (Friday & Saturday)
– Merchant’s Row
– Peer Circles (Saturday)
– Investiture of the new Baron and Baroness of Ered Sul (Saturday)
– There will be no equestrian events during this war. Horses are not permitted onsite

This National Forest land is a primitive, forested site without electricity or running water. Forest rules must be observed at all times; the “Leave No Trace” policy is in effect. Failure to follow National Forest policies may result in your removal from site with no refund. There will a parking area for RVs (no hookups) and grey water disposal containers near the privies. It will be monsoon season, so come prepared! We will follow the Forest Service weekly policies for campfires and grills. Service animals and well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome. Interested merchants should contact Mindy Lewis (mindykid @ mindykid.com) for additional information.


For more information contact the event Stewards:
Chavezs MacTavish (Chavezs Whitlock)
Liadan of Lochlainn (Mindy Lewis)



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