Welcome to Highlands War


In the year 917 A.D. there was a fierce battle that took place in Ireland between the natives of the land and the invading foreigners, The Dubgaill or Vikings to those lucky enough to have not encountered their raids…The Battle of Confey! Some say this battle took place near Dublin but come midsummer this mighty skirmish will be held in the lands of the wild and the wooly, the Barony of Ered Sul! Choose your victor; the proud Irish or the fearsome Vikings!

July 12th – 15th 2018 we battle, feast, and revel in friendship and honor.
We wish this Highlands War to be the best in every way and want to introduce an exciting, new format for the fighting scenarios this year.

There will be something for everyone at Highlands War, scheduled activities will include:
-Hardsuit and Rapier/Light fighting scenarios
-Hardsuit and Rapier/Light tournaments
-Archery range and competitions
-Arts and Sciences classes
-Siege weapons, war scenarios and competitions
-Thrown weapons competitions
-Youth activities
-Merchant’s Row



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