Welcome to Highlands War

Highlands War XXV (2019)
July 17-21, 2019
Ashurst Campground

Have questions?  Never been to an SCA event before?  Contact the main event steward, Lord Leolin Blackwell, at leofenris@gmail.com if you need some guidance!

The Barony of Ered Sul and the Kingdom of Atenveldt are proud to welcome everyone to Highlands War XXV!  This year, the Norse spirit imbues these Mountain Lands.  Come a-Viking!  The long-ships were not ready to sail at Estrella and they should not be needed in the North!

This summer, under the pines, test your mettle.  Will you be victorious in Battle?  Shall you be impressive with Art?  In acts of service, will you prove your greatness?  What will be your destiny?

“Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it.”
~Volunga Saga, c.5

Find your destiny at Highlands War!

War has been declared! Gather your forces, sharpen your blades, and travel to the cool mountain pines this summer for great adventure and glory!  We battle, feast, and revel in friendship and honor.  We wish this Highlands War to be the best in every way.  The battles shall be fierce and the revel shall be wild!

There will be something for everyone at Highlands War. Scheduled activities will include:

  • Hardsuit and Rapier fighting scenarios
  • Archery range and competitions
  • Arts and Sciences classes
  • War Scenarios and Competitions
  • Youth Activities and Combat
  • Merchant’s Row
  • And Much More!

We will be returning to the National Forest land for this year.  This is a primitive, forested site without running water or electricity.  Forest rules must be observed at all time.  The “Leave No Trace” policy is in effect.  Failure to follow National Forest policies may result in removal from site with no refund.  There will be a parking area for RVs; there are no hookups. Gray water tanks and bathrooms will be available.  This time is considered monsoon season so be prepared for rain.  We will follow Forest Service guidance regarding fires/smoking/grills.  Service animals and well-behaved pets are welcome as long as they are controlled at all times.

This event is sponsored by the Barony of Ered Sul of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, which is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.  Click the links to visit the respective web sites for more information.

Lord Leolin Blackwell (MKA Shaun Prizio) leofenris@gmail.com 805-705-3474 (Call or text, no calls 10pm-8am)
Lady Iðunn of the Citadel (MKA Kess French) thyme.angel@gmail.com
Sir Neo T Pict neotfisk22@yahoo.com

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