Welcome to Highlands War

Greetings unto the Knowne World!
The Barony of Ered Sul, in the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt, invites you to the cool pines of the mountains where we are very proud to host HIGHLANDS WAR XXII, March on the Silk Road, ROMA v PARTHIA.

We invite all from East and West, North and South, to march on the Silk Road (Rt 66) for the glory of war, revelry, and companionship. In history, 53 BC the city of Carrhae and a small region of Parthia along the Silk Road were liberated from Roman occupation, allowing trade to flow across the land once more.

The Silk Road had many traders and travelers, but had its share of dangers along the way. Protection from bandits and mercenaries were needed and caravans often had armed soldiers guarding the journey. Since ancient times this historic route has helped travelers transport goods across many lands, has allowed trade between distant cultures, and had made the world a smaller place.

On July 7­-10th, 2016, these cultures will meet in celebration, in war, and in friendship in the Barony of Ered Sul; the most northern Barony in the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt!

There will be something for everyone at Highlands War, scheduled activities will include:

­-Hardsuit and Rapier/Light fighting scenarios including two different battle pits and a functioning castle
­-Hardsuit and Rapier/Light tournaments
­-Archery range and competitions
­-Arts and Sciences, including silk banner competition by Barwn Meistr Gwylym ab Owain, OP, OL
-Equestrian Activities
­-Siege weapons, war scenarios, and competitions
­-Thrown weapons competitions
­-Youth activities
­-Merchant’s Row
­-Performance Art


Autocrats – Lord Donovan MacEgan and Lord Sebastian of Ered Sul (Taylor Marchant)



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