Note from Baron Henry: I had a car problem on a Friday afternoon after we had been to the site to test some communications equipment. Rex, the owner, had one of his mechanics work to see if he could get the electric window to close (it was very cold). They diagnosed the problem but couldn’t get a part to fix the window that day. Instead, they closed the window most of the way. Rex is available 24/7 for towing if needed. Mechanics are on duty Mon-Fri. Rex can also order parts for you if you have a problem but can fix it yourself.

Alpine Garage

At Alpine Garage you can trust us with your automobile. All of our mechanics are ASE certified professionals. We specialize in repair and maintenance of engines, transmissions, and radiators, but can do it all. We even work on snowmobiles and ATVs. And of course we’re available 24 hours a day for any of your towing needs.

  • Location: 42694 Hwy 180 East, Alpine, AZ 85920
  • Phone: 928-339-4839
  • Owners: Rex & Jenni Van Slyke
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm; Sat (May-Dec) 9am-Noon
  • Address: PO Box 693, Alpine, AZ 85920
  • Email: