Pets and Wildlife

Pets are welcome but MUST be leashed and under control at all times. Out of control or aggressive dogs and their owners may be removed from site without refund – or the animal may be required to be caged/penned for the duration of the event.  Since this is a livestock area, there is zero tolerance on this rule.

Please be aware that wild animals are known to be in the area and you will likely hear them at night. Take appropriate precautions.


The Arizona desert can be hot and unfriendly for pets, and has a significant rate of rabies reported in wildlife in the State. You should plan knowing the following:

  • The animal must be able to tolerate heat and dust in the day and cold at night. Arizona Law prohibits leaving pets unattended in any vehicle. Pets found in a vehicle or closed tent during the day will be ‘rescued’.
  • The dogs and cats must have a current Rabies vaccination. Dogs must be wearing proof of a current dog license.
  • The animal must not be easily upset, frightened, or made aggressive by the normal noises and activity at an SCA event, especially horses.

Owners hold full responsibility for the pets they bring to the event, and must abide by the following Site Rules:

  • Pets must be kept on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length, or housed in a closed, latched kennel throughout the event.
  • Owners are held accountable for their pet’s disruptive behavior and noise. Local Law Enforcement authorities will be called to site to handle loose or disruptive animals.
  • Owners MUST pick up after their pets, no matter how large or small a mess they make!

Pets must wear two forms of identification on their collars: The owner’s legal information (name, phone, address, etc), and something showing the owner’s SCA name and group information (Kingdom, Barony, Group, Household) needed to locate the owner at the event.  The site front gate will provide id bands for you to use as an SCA collar tag for your pet.

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