Armored Combat


There are several scheduled battles as well as pick-up fighting throughout the weekend. The battlefield is clearly marked so join us in the trenches!







Scenarios for Highlands War:
4 Open Field Battles for warm up (Last Man Standing):
4 open Woods Battles (Last Man Standing):
4 Bridge battles (Last Man Standing):
4 Castle Battles (Last Man Standing):
Viking Hunting Party: Res Battle 1 hour:
The Viking Hunt consists of 3 boars (Two Sticks) and 3 Bears (Great Weapons) as the focus of the hunt. All fighter sill break up into groups of 3 to hunt for their village. The goal is to kill as many animals as possible. There will be a point per kill. If one person from the hunting party is killed by the wild animal they will be out until all other members of the hunting party are killed, the team will Res together once all members regroup.
4 Open Field Battles for warm up (Last Man Standing):
2 Relic Battles (Timed):
The returning Vikings come home from a glorious campaign. Once they land on their shores they are met by a rival force. The goal of the Relic Battle is to get the golden relic from the shores to the castle for protection.
4 Castel/ Moat Battles (Timed):
Opposing forces must get through the moat then once its breached they must take the castle.
Opposing forces will have unlimited Res and defanging will have 1 res per person If you die on the moat you must res in the castle.
Capture the Flag (30 Min Res)
A point will go to either side that can maintain all three flags as their color for 3 Min
Highland Soccer (1 Hr Res Battle):
A point will be given for every goal. The rules and devices will be discussed on site before the game begins.
If anyone needs or want to fluff the info please go for it. but here is what I see as the field and events we can do with minimal costs. I have the relic, we need flags and a human head for Highlands Soccer if anyone wants to help put it together.

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