Greetings from the Chirurgeons’ Tent

Things are shaping up to be the best Highlands War yet.  Friendly site owners, a great location and lots of equestrian events.

There are a few tips you need to know and follow to make this a great war for you.

1)     We are over 6000 feet above sea level.  When driving from lower altitudes it is important to remember to crack your car windows about 30-60 min before you get to site.  This will help to make up for the changes in relative air pressures and density found at higher altitudes. There are some serious health issues you can encounter if you don’t.

2)     Being higher up, we are also closer to the sun (don’t laugh).  This means you are going to be more susceptible to sunburn.  Really, we’re talking SPF 50 several times a day.  I can stock only so much aloe so give yourself a break from the bake.

3)     We have to hydrate like never before.  The air is thinner and drier.  You will lose moisture at a rate unlike you do at home.  Shoot for 3-5 liters of water along with any other fluids you may consume (hint, beer and alcohol don’t count).

4)     If you have allergies to environmental things like grass, dust, pollen or anything else you know of, PLEASE BRING YOUR ALLERGY MEDICATIONS!

5)     IF YOU HAVE ANY RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS BRING YOUR MEDICATIONS. Bring your nebulizers and CPAP machines with your battery systems.  We will do all we can to support you but we don’t have and won’t have advanced medical assistance on site.

6)     If you ever feel that you are getting in trouble, please come see us at Chirurgeons’ point.  The sooner the better.

7)     If you are not in trouble but would like to stop by and visit, coffee and cookies are always appreciated.  Now come up and have a great war

Seamus mac Roibeird

CIC Highlands War XIX