Equestrian Events

SCA Corporate Equestrian Handbook rules will be followed.

There is camping and horse trailer parking available for equestrians and those who are part of an equestrian group.  This area is close to the arena to allow horse owners to lead their horse to their trailers for saddling, etc.

All schedules are at the discretion of the Crown and will be adjusted to accommodate courts.  Updated schedules will be posted at the arena and information center.

The SCA does NOT rent horses, nor does it endorse any particular vendor who does. If you wish to rent a horse for the week, or just for a guided trail ride, contact the site owners, Caren or Billy Wiltbank. If you are bringing your own equines, our hosts, Caren or Billy Wiltbank, can provide some rental stalls.  Please contact them directly at beavercreekra1@hotmail.com.

Equestrian Area Rules

  • Never disturb a horse or its tack without the permission of its owner/renter.  This particularly applies to feeding them, especially when they have a bit in their mouth.
  • Minors should be under adult supervision at all times while in the equestrian area.
  • Please do not feed or touch any of the horses without permission from the owner/renter.
  • A red tassel or ribbon on a horse indicates that the horse may bite or kick.  Do not approach this horse.
  • Virtually all horses will kick and/or bite when startled, so stay clear of the front and back unless told it is okay to approach the animal.
  • Horses startle easily.  Do not run, jump, yell or make sudden movements around them.
  • The equestrian arena closes at sunset to everyone except horse owners/renters.
  • Please, no loud parties or drumming in the equestrian area after 10:30 pm.