Equestrian Events

Unfortunately, this year there will be no Official Equestrian Event at Highlands War.

Our permit and our insurance do not cover horses. If you bring a horse, you will need to camp in a different location than the event.

Here are the equestrian use rules for Coconino National Forest:

“… We ask that all campers, including horse campers, use Leave No Trace camping
techniques. For people with horses this includes: using certified weed/seed-free feed,
using highlines, hobbles, pickets, or portable corrals (whichever your animals are used
to) for containing livestock when not being ridden; raking soil and natural forest litter
(kicked up by people and horses) back into place when pulling out of camp; scattering
manure piles and remnant hay so they break down naturally and leave the camp ready for the next group; don’t tie your horse up to trees for more than 5-15 minutes, especially if your animals have a tendency to paw at the ground or chew on the trees; use a portable toilet or the “cat hole method” for the humans in the group; only collect dead and down wood for campfires and wood stoves or bring wood with you; etc. Also, haul plenty of water as many of our stock tanks are dry.”

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