Arts & Sciences

Highlands War A&S Competition:

1.A silk banner; the banner size and composition is up to the artisan. No documentation is necessary for this project.185840_10150105357034597_2466554_n
2.A silk favour for the Barony; this project should be made primarily from silk and the final projects in this category will be donated to the Barony for Their Excellencies to pass out as they see fit. No Documentation is necessary.
3.A project of the artist’s choice; documentation will be required for this piece. Incorporating Silk in the project will garner an extra point.

There will also be an Artisan’s Showcase for people to show off their projects.

Lastly there will be A&S Classes, If you are interested in teaching a specific class please contact the Ered Sul’s A&S Minister Lord Sebastian of Ered Sul (Taylor Marchant) at artsci @

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