Greetings Merchants!

The SCA is an Educational, Middle Ages, Historical Re-Enactment Group, not to be confused with a Renaissance or Fantasy Faire.  Our booths and merchandise must be Medieval and/or SCA related and consistent with the historical time period of the SCA or current SCA usage (pre-1600) and we wear Middle Age/Medieval Clothing during the event at all times.

We are a small event, approximately 400-600 attendees, at this time. We are on a very primitive US Forest Service site, no electricity or water spigots on site which means we may not have Food Merchants available. We will have grey water tanks and port-a-potties.

Merchants square is the heart of the event and we are usually busy with all kinds of activities. We will hold demonstrations, and general frivolity of all kinds. Martial Arts, Arts and Science classes, Youth and Equestrian activities are near by.

Are you interested in being a Merchant? Contact the Merchant Steward for more information.

Quick Notes:
Merchant Applications must be mailed or emailed with a deadline or postmark of May 1, 2016.
Emailed applications are not considered complete until payment is received by Merchant Steward. Late applications will be assessed a $15 late fee and are not guaranteed a space. An application sent is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Are you interested in being a Merchant? Contact the Merchant Autocrat for more information.

Quick Note:

  • Merchant Applications must be mailed and postmarked by May 1, 2016. Late applications will be assessed a $15 late fee.

Merchant List for Highlands War 2016

Amazonia  & Estria’s Essentials
Corsets, Kilts, Swords, Daggers, Drum

Aurora’s Creations
Leather Accessories, Metal & Beaded Viking Jewelry, Fuzzy & Leather Hats

Banner Knife & Garb
Knives, Garb, Leather Goods

Courtly Garb
Garb and Accessories

Emery’s Enchanted Forest
Crafts, Handmade, Halos, Wands, Jewelry

Manipulations in Wire
Wire and Stone Jewelry, Middle Eastern Garb

Magical Emporium, Bellydance Accessories, Leather, Fur, Jewelry, Gifts, Nautical


Ring Weaver Chains
Jewelry, Chain Maille

Simply Stylish
Clothing Inspired by the Caravan Trade Routes.

A note on Food Vendors:

There will be No Food Vendors as of 6/7/2016. This site does not have water spigots on site or electrical outlets.  Coconino County has very specific requirements for Food Vendors who are preparing food to sell to the public. They can’t use coolers (Yeti, Coleman, Igloo, etc.) to keep food in, so that would require a refrigeration source (constant temperature) to store food in, which would either be run by a generator, solar/battery setup, or electrical source. Food Vendors must also use a three sink washing system with water source for washing dishes and food prep. We are working on some other options, but would suggest people provide their own food sources (maybe ask if anyone is doing a kitchen you could buy into, etc.). Thank you for your understanding. ~ Lady Violet, Merchant Steward.

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