About the Site

castle wall frontIn a Nutshell (Please see detailed pages on the website more complete information.)

The Barony of Ered Sul’s Highlands War Site is located 22 miles southeast of Alpine, Arizona. This is a beautiful, primitive site with plenty of room for equestrian events, battlefields, archery range, and a seige weapons range in addition to generous camping and parking areas. The devestating Wallow wildfire in 2011 spared this remarkable valley at 7,550 feet in elevation.

The site has no electricity, limited cellphone coverage (in Merchant’s Square), and no onsite water. A site neighbor will allow access to a his well. There is plenty of room for parking and dry RV camping near troll, but away from the general camping area.

The site is approximately 5 hours from: Ash Fork, Prescott, and Tucson; 4 hours from Phoenix, Socorro NM, Albuquerque NM and Silver City NM; 3 hours from Payson; 30 minutes from Alpine AZ.

Menzie’s Eatery will vend 3 meals per day on site. They will also vend ice, water, and limited miscellaneous goods.

There are a few summer neighbors visible (cabins) and they can’t wait to join us! There are no noise curfews for drumming and singing – please be considerate of your neighbors.

When we are not there, the site is a pasture for livestock and horses. Sandals and exposed feet may not be the best choice for footwear at this site. It is CRITICAL that we leave it in pristine condition for these animals – no trash, no holes, etc.