Site Information

The Event Site is located 14 miles southeast of Alpine Arizona off SR 191. Site access is by a VERY well maintained gravel road (no washboards here!) designated GR26 by the National Forest. The gravel road is an easy 7.5 mile drive with no steep hills. “Guest Ranches” at the end of GR26 haul horse trailers with ease on this road.

The site is approximately 5 hours from: Ash Fork, Prescott, and Tucson; 4 hours from Flagstaff and Phoenix,  3.5 hours from Albuquerque NM and Silver City NM; 3 hours from Payson; 2.5 hours from Socorro, NM and 30 minutes from Alpine AZ.

Emergency Phone for Highlands War: 928-225-5481
We have established an emergency phone number for the event. The phone will be kept in the information point tent. We will retrieve messages from the phone several times per day. The phone is also available for you to make outgoing calls at no charge.

Emergency medical assistance can be onsite in approximately 5 minutes by helicopter (stationed on a nearby ridge).

Beaver Creek Guest Ranch is a casual “dude ranch” with seven cabins. These cabins will be available to SCA members during the event at “hunter rates.” These cabins have no kitchens and electricity for only a few hours each evening. You will need to bring your own bed linens and towels.