It’s always entertaining to hear rumors about a site, especially from folks who have never even seen it. Here are some of the Facts and Fiction that we have heard over the years.

The site is at 14,000 ft in elevation.
Ummm, no. The highest point in elevation in the state of Arizona is 12,600 ft and that’s Mount Humphreys Peak near Flagstaff. This lovely meadow is around 7,500 ft. So please just smile and nod your head when you hear folks say it’s so high in altitude that sherpas must help you pack in your gear and oxygen tanks.

There is no food onsite.
Hmmm. That is also fiction. There is a wonderful little house on site called Menzie’s Eatery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner for very reasonable prices. They also sell ice, snacks, and our favorite – ice cream!

There is no electricity or cell service onsite.
This is true and false at the same time. There is no electricity onsite. However, there is limited cell service, thanks to a small signal booster, in the Merchant Square in order for them to conduct their business transactions during the day. If you need a steady stream with a lot of bandwidth, this may not be the event for you.

Drums can play all night.
YES! In fact, there are no noise restrictions. We do ask that you be kind to your neighbors.

There are no privies onsite.
We have no idea where this one came from, but it has been mentioned. So let us clear it up for you. The sherpas brought us PLENTY of privies up the side of the mountain – just follow the line of blue juice to find them. If you use your own private tent privy, please do not dump it on the ground after the event. The company that services the event privies does allow you to dump it into their privies providing it is NOT mixed with kitty litter or sawdust.

There is no water onsite.
And yet another interesting piece of fiction. There is well water onsite for you to use free of charge. It is always a good idea to bring PLENTY of your own potable water for your encampment.

There are showers onsite.
This is a fact! In addition to being able to take a HOT shower for a small fee, you are welcome to have your own shower at your encampment. Gray water may be dumped on the ground at your campsite.

Only propane firepits are allowed.
That is also true. This area was devastated by the Wallow fire a few years ago and we are very sensitive to the amazing natural surroundings during arid summer months. Propane firepits and propane grills are allowed. The site owner follows the protocol set by the National Forest Service. Smoking is allowed on the gravel roads and in your vehicle. Butts may not be field-stripped and must be disposed of in appropriate containers.

I can park my vehicle in camp because I have a handicap tag.
This one is fiction. You may certainly park your vehicle at your campsite to load and unload your encampment. Then you may park in one of the limited designated spaces, alongside a small encampment site especially for folks who need closer access to privies, A&S activities and Merchant’s Square.

There is no Walmart near the site.
This is true. The closest civilization is about 22 miles away in the small town of Alpine, and they don’t even have a Wally-World. If you need a hotel and fast-food, this may not be the event for you.

It’s too far to drive for a day trip.
This one makes us scratch our heads a little bit. Why just spend 1 day when you can spend an entire week at a site with no planes, trains, or automobiles buzzing you day and night? There are MANY folks in the SCA who drive very great distances to attend out-of-Kingdom events. This amazing event is right in your backyard – why would you want to miss it?

There is wildlife in the area.
Oh yes, this one is certainly true. There are hardsuit fighters, rapier fighters, archers, equestrian fighters, and a few of their support folks running around the site. And in the quiet of the early morning, there are some non-human wildlife as well – elk, deer, antelope, rabbits, horses, hawks, hummingbirds, and the distant howling of wolves and coyotes.