Q.  Is there a theme for Highlands this year?
A.  Yes! Medieval Germany! There are multiple feuding groups:  Town Leagues, the Leagues of Knights, Republics, Feudal forces which includes Princes, Dukes, Counts and lesser Nobility of the Imperial Cities, Clerical forces, Landsknecht and Imperial armies.

Q.  What are the war points in?
A.  Hardsuit, Rapier, Equestrian and Archery.

Q.  Is this site any hotter or higher in elevation than previous Highlands War sites?
A.  It’s Arizona in the summer. Prepare for warm (but not blistering hot) days and cool nights. Stay very well hydrated. The battlefields are at an elevation of about 7500 ft, nearly identical to the site we have used for the past few years. We expect the site temperatures to be five to ten degrees cooler, but there are NO guarantees. It is a camping event!

Q.  What is this year’s noise curfew?
A.  There isn’t one – but there are suggested “quiet hours” in your gatebook. Please be kind to your camping neighbors. There are also “Quiet Camping” and “Noisy Camping” areas.

Q. Is there water on site?
A. There is pumped well-water available from a neighboring land owner. An ice vendor will be onsite. There are no hook ups for water for RVs or in-camp water spigots. Be prepared to bring enough water to keep you campsite well hydrated for the duration of your stay. Individual camp showers are allowed.

Q. Can we have a shower in our camp?

A. YES! Solar showers or propane powered showers are permissible at this site. We encourage you to dig at least a small sump pit under the shower area so that the run-off will not wander into your neighbor’s camp or the road. Just be certain that the pit is completely refilled and packed at the end of the war.

Q. Can I dispose of greywater in my camp?
A. YES! You may always put clean water on the roads to help keep down dust. OR, your camp may dig a shared sump pit to be used to dispose of greywater from camp showers and dishes. Save the excavated dirt to fill and compact the sump pit when you leave. Since this site is a horse pasture, our ability to continue having sumps depends on everyone leaving the field free of holes that could be catastrophic to livestock and horses.

Q. How many public restrooms (privies) will be onsite?
A. We will have numerous privies scattered throughout the camping areas as we have in years past. There are also hand wash stations available in Merchants Square. Hand sanitizer will also be located with each group of privies. If you choose to have a personal privy in your campsite, you may NOT dispose of the contents in your greywater sump hole or in a trashbag for pick up by the property owner. Kitty litter and sawdust may NOT be dumped into the public privies, buried in the ground, or placed in the public trash. You must pack it out yourself with your belongings. Human waste is hazardous waste. The trash disposal at this site consists of the land owner hauling the trash to a burn pit. We recommend a standard “camp toilet” like they sell at Camping World – it has a holding tank and deodorizer solution which is dumped into the porta johns whenever necessary.

Q. Can we have a firepit? Where can I smoke?
A. Only propane fires are allowed onsite. Smoking is allowed on the property and butt containers will be available at the information tent. Please do not field-strip your cigarettes or place them in the trash – we don’t want the livestock and horses eating them after we leave. NO BUTTS ON THE GROUND! There is always the possibility that smoking could be prohibited if the fire danger is deemed to be sufficient. ALL campers are expected to cooperate with whatever the current rules are during the event. ANY camper refusing to cooperate will be subject to expulsion from the event without refund.

Q. Can my household have its own camping space?
A. Land will be allocated to your barony. Talk to your Baron/Baroness.

Q. Can I camp in my RV and bring my 4-wheeler to get around?
A. You may camp in your RV, but it will be parked away from the general camping areas. The only golf carts and ATVs onsite will be for staff use only.

Q. Does the site have cell phone coverage?
A. There will be limited cell phone coverage in the Merchants’ Square. Please allow the merchants to use the cell phone booster service during business hours.

Q. Will there be food available for purchase onsite?
A. Yes, we have a food vendor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Q. How close is “civilization” from the war site?
A. Alpine is approximately 22 miles from the site. There are a handful of local summer residents nearby who will be joining us.

Q. Are day passes available? Are non-SCA folks welcome?
A. Yes! We expect local visitors to join us on a daily basis. Due to the remote nature of this site, “day trips” by non-locals may be difficult.