Event Rules

Event Rules

Event sites may be remote and primitive.  Attendees are required to register with the event and are responsible for following all site rules.

Alcohol is allowed on site.  Unlawful drugs are prohibited.  The drinking age in Arizona is 21 and carrying, storing, or using unlawful substances is a criminal offense.  Serving or providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is a criminal offense.  Law enforcement agencies will be notified for all cases of underage drinking and unlawful drug use.  Criminal acts warranting the notification of law enforcement agencies may be grounds for expulsion from the event without refund of site fees.  Anyone who becomes disruptive due to intoxication or for any other reason may be expelled from the event without refund of site fees.

All firearms are prohibited.  Carrying, possessing, or brandishing a firearm, whether concealed or visible, even with a concealed carry permit, is prohibited.

Some events may have a noise curfew.  Information on noise curfews is available at registration.

Please park only in designated areas.  There is dry RV parking available in designated areas.  No electricity or water hookups are available.  Driving or parking more than 30 yards off designated roadways may result in damage to the forest and you may be ticketed by the Forest Service.

You may temporarily (approx. 30 minutes) park your vehicle close to your camping site to load and unload before relocating your vehicle to the designated parking area.  RV’s and other vehicles will not be allowed to remain in the camping areas and should be parked in the designated parking areas along with a visible parking pass on the dashboard.  ATV’s and similar vehicles may not be used on site during the event.

There may be fire restrictions in place, depending on the weather conditions preceding the event.  You will be notified of any fire restrictions when you check in.  If there are no restrictions in place, you may use above-ground, wood-burning fire pits.  If there are fire restrictions in place, you are usually limited to propane or other gas-powered stoves and fire pits.  All such devices must be able to be immediately turned off.  When there are fire restrictions, smoking is prohibited except in an enclosed vehicle.  All camps should have at least one fire extinguisher.

Fully vaccinated pets are welcome but must be leashed (leashes should not exceed 6 feet) or otherwise secured (e.g. in a kennel) and under control at all times.  Owners hold full responsibility for the behavior and noise of pets they bring to the event.  Out of control, disruptive, or aggressive pets and their owners may be removed from the site without a refund.  Event staff may require an aggressive animal to be caged/penned for the duration of the event.  Law enforcement may be called to handle disruptive pets if event staff are unable to locate the owner.  Owners must pick up after their pets.  Do not leave your pets’ droppings behind.  All pets should have ID tags with their owner’s contact information and SCA information (name and camping group) in case event staff need to locate the owner of a misplaced pet.

Animals must be provided with adequate shade, water, and ventilation at all times.  Animals unable to tolerate heat and dust should not be brought to the event.  Arizona law prohibits leaving pets unattended in any vehicle.  Pets found in vehicles or tents may be “rescued” if event staff feel they are at risk.  Event staff will not be responsible for any damage caused.

Be aware that wild animals may be in the area.  Wild animals may be dangerous and may carry diseases such as rabies.  Take appropriate precautions to protect yourself, your children, and your pets.

During the event there will be privies and a garbage bin for bagged trash.  If the event is held on public land, campers arriving before or staying after the official event are responsible for their own waste disposal.  If the event is held on private land, campers need to make their own arrangements with the owners if they wish to stay outside of official event dates.  Gray water must not be dumped on the ground.  A gray water tank will be provided during the event.

Please visit the Youth & Children page for important information, rules, and forms relating to minors attending Highlands War.

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